Hilton Hotel partners with Sustainable Carbon to compensate its carbon emissions

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Milenium Ceramic Factory

Milenium Ceramic Factory

The Hilton hotel network chose the developer Sustainable Carbon to offset their emissions of this years’ first semester. Using their LightStay tool, Hilton analyzed aspects such as energy consumption and GHG emissions to then buy carbon credits to neutralize the negative impacts of the emissions.

Featuring nearly 4,000 hotels scattered around the world in more than 90 countries, Hilton is well-known for its excellence in quality, offering comfort and efficiency for its guests. In addition to its recognized competence, the hotel believes in the importance of a sustainable strategy. Thinking about that, the team created the Hilton LightStay tool, which evaluates aspects of sustainability.

LightStay has now been running in the Hilton’s Network  since  2002, evaluating  energy and water consumption, emissions into the atmosphere, use of paper products, waste, chemical stocks, air quality and transportation through 200 indicators. The tool can also calculate the emission of an event. So, when choosing the hotel to host a meeting  the guest can calculate the emissions of it.

After calculating the emissions of the first half of 2014 using the tool, Hilton chose the Millenium ceramic Project , within the portfolio of projects developed by Sustainable Carbon, to offset its guests’ emissions.

The Millenium Ceramic is a family business that manufactures various products within the state of Tocantins. In order to produce one million pieces per month, the ceramic withdrew about 30,000m3 of native Wood from the cerrado biome every year, which was then used as fuel and burnt in the furnaces. Aiming to reduce the environmental impact, the factory implemented the carbon credit Project in 2007, and switched their fuel to renewable biomass. Besides providing the reduction of GHG emissions, the Project allows investments in improving  the working conditions and generates benefits fof the community  from the income generated by the sale of carbon credits.

Among many social and environmental benefits that the Project generates there is the “Smart Football” program. In partnership with a local team, “Paradise Sport Club”, the ceramic factory organised a Professional women’s football team, encouraging the practice of a Sport. The condition for the partecipation is proving that the athletes perform well in educational institutions. “ Football has given me stability to continue with my studies. Through sports came the incentive to go to college and change everything in my life”, said Andressa Santos, striker of the team. After seeing the success of the women’s team, which currently partecipates in several championships, the owner of the Ceramic factory, Mr. Ezekiel, founded his own football team composed of factory workers called “Millenium Ceramic Sports Club”.

Sustainable Carbon is very excited with the introduction of sustainable practices such as this one in the hospitality and lodging market. We hope  it will encourage and leverage many others! To learn more about how the project works, please contact our team: info@sustainablecarbon.com


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