TAM Airlines and Sustainable Carbon join forces towards low carbon economy

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Projeto “Sonho de Criança”

“Child Dream” Project

As we told you last month, in partnership with Sustainable Carbon, TAM Airlines offset greenhouse gases emissions from all flights, of the entire sum emitted by the more than 4.000 flights operated in the 12 host cities during the World Cup in Brazil.

To make this happen, TAM acquired 100.000 carbon credits from six projects developed by Sustainable Carbon in the voluntary carbon market. The projects are located in the Brazilian states of Ceará, São Paulo, Tocantins, Alagoas, Pernambuco and Rio de Janeiro.

The projects sell carbon credits which finance cleaner technologies and social projects in communities around Brazil.

One of them, the Milenium Project, is located 40 km from the capital Palmas, in the city of Paraíso de Tocantins. Milenium is a ceramic factory that produces about a million tiles per month and supplies the local market construction. For decades, the factory used  native wood from Cerrado‘s deforestation to heat the ceramic kilns.

Thanks to the voluntary carbon project, this reality changed. Today, 100% of the fuel used by the ceramic factory comes from the waste of the local rice industry. The furnaces are supplied daily with rice husk, which enables the kilns to reach temperature range required to produce tiles. With the use of waste from a local industry, the ceramic factory is reducing its greenhouse gases emissions while putting an end to Cerrados exploitation and providing a clever recycle of waste from the rice industry.

Besides the environmental benefits, the six projects supported by TAM Airlines develop social actions benefiting about 5.000 people. For instance, they encourage soccer practice, as in the Bandeira and Capelli factories and they develop the “Child Dream” Project, which provides daily free classes for the employees’ children and also for the community’s children.

All projects supported by TAM are Premium projects, as they are monitored and evaluated transparently by the SOCIALCARBON ® Standard. According to the sustainability coordinator, Larissa Tega da Fonseca, “The SOCIALCARBON® Standard is a great tool for us to be able to encourage entrepreneurs to do beyond emissions reduction.”

This innovative initiative demonstrates the TAM’s commitment to make a positive difference in people’s lives. “The partnership between Sustainable Carbon and TAM shows the strategic vision of the company in relation to the low carbon economy. We believe in this partnership and hope that the new engagement and commitment will influence the all airline industry in Brazil and abroad”, says Sustainable Carbon CEO, Stefano Merlin.

With the projects it supports, TAM is strengthening communities and protecting the environment, creating value for TAM’s customers and also for business as stated by the TAM Airlines president, Claudia Sender, in the June edition of TAM Magazine.


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