Irmãos Fredi Verification Site Visit

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Irmãos Fredi 3

Irmãos Fredi Ceramic Factory

Brick after brick, Irmãos Fredi Project and Sustainable Carbon are building a better world. Thanks to the substitution of native wood for renewable biomass, they improved both working conditions and standard of living of the communities surrounding the project. Here is the report of the last project verification site visit.

In May, Sustainable Carbon went to Presidente Epitácio, São Paulo State, together with the IBOPE auditor team for the verification site visit of Irmãos Fredi project. There, they audited production and biomass data, besides SOCIALCARBON.

The Irmãos Fredi ceramic factory produces bricks and blocks which are sold to the local construction market. The factory used to use native wood to fuel the furnaces from which a million pieces are produced monthly. Since 2006, the company opted for a sustainable production and invested in equipment to allow fuel switching. Since then, the ovens are fuelled by renewable biomass. The benefits of it: reduce greenhouse gases emissions and generate carbon credits – offsets – that promote improvement in working conditions and investment in community projects.

Irmãos Fredi’s head of production led the team to visit the production site. The highlights of the visit were the sectorial organization, the automation (the engine which supplies the biomass has a magnet to remove nails and unwanted wastes, avoiding equipment damage), the cowshed’s cycle (in which the defective clays go back to the production mat) and the process of sawdust/straw addition in clay’s composition, which allows drying and improves the quality of the material. Furthermore, the ceramic factory  gained a dryer and a biomass injector to improve the energy efficiency of the furnaces.

Irmãos Fredi 2

Imãos Fredi Ceramic Factory’s Toilet

Nowadays, the Irmãos Fredi ceramic factory uses only renewable biomass as fuel, such as sugarcane bagasse and sawdust. The factory ceased to burn 20 tons per year of native wood from the Cerrado, the second largest Brazilian biomass. Concerning social responsibility actions, the factory has equipped bathrooms with showers for each department, car park, bike rack for employees and has alsocreated an innovative laboratory to test the product’s quality. Moreover, the factory also financially contributes to the revitalization and expansion of two educational centers: “Associação Espírita, Fé e Caridade” e “Associação Alpha & Omega”.

Irmãos Fredi

Sustainable Carbon Team and Children from the Association

The ceramic factory  is still demonstrating interest and commitment to the carbon project. It is designing a plan to recover degraded areas due to the clay extraction; aiming to end the renovation of the recreation area for employees and start the construction of a hall auditorium for lectures, classes and meetings with employees. Last but not least, Irmãos Fredi ceramic factory is planning to build a football field and create an institute for underprivileged children. According to Sustainable Carbon, the visit was an opportunity to reinforce its commitment to the maintenance of this project that now reaches its 3rd monitoring period with offset verified ​​since 2010. IBOPE sent the Final Verification Report to Sustainable Carbon confirming the GHG emissions reduction during the 2010-2014 period. For the next verification, it is expected that the ceramic factory reaches all the perspective goals.


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